Meet our Scientific Committee

Meet one of the members of the Scientific Committee of the ESCD Congress 2022, Dr Mark Wilkinson. One of the most well-known tasks of the Scientific Committee is to manage the evaluation, acceptance and distribution to the different sessions of all submitted abstracts. Other tasks include choosing titles and chairs for the ESCD Congress 2022 sessions and to choose the members of the post award committee.

We asked Dr Mark Wilkinson what he is looking for in an abstract during this assessment.

Dr. Mark Wilkinson

Mark Wilkinson was appointed as a consultant dermatologist in the UK in 1995 to provide a clinical service for the investigation of contact dermatitis and occupational skin disease. He has in excess of 200 peer reviewed publications and has written chapters on irritant, allergic and occupational dermatitis for major dermatology textbooks.

What is your association with the ESCD?
My association with the ESCD is longstanding having given the Niels Hjorth lecture at the first Congress of the society in Brussels, Belgium in 1992. More recently I’ve been a board member of the European Surveillance System of Contact Allergy (ESSCA) and chair of the European Baseline Series Taskforce – both working parties of the society.

What are you looking for in the abstracts that you will assess?
I have a mainly clinical role and in reviewing abstracts will be looking for those that are novel and have general clinical applicability – whether that be an illustrative case report or formal study.

Any other thoughts to share?
I hope we can construct a program with a broad appeal and look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!