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Gold Sponsors

The International Fragrance Association

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) is the representative body of the global fragrance industry. IFRA promotes the safe use of fragrance for everyone’s enjoyment, notably through our Code of Practice and IFRA Standards. Our industry seeks to make a difference in every sense: to create fragrances that bring joy, emotion and color to people’s lives; to support prosperity through jobs and scientific advances; and to act responsibility – protecting consumers and the environment.


Silver Sponsors


Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. is a Japanese company, specialising in the research and development of trans-dermal drug delivery systems (TDDS). Its main brands are the topical pain relief patches Mohrus®, containing ketoprofen and available in Europe with prescription under the name KEPLAT®, as well as Salonpas® – an OTC pain relief patch containing methyl salicylate.


SC Johnson Professional

We are one of the world’s leading providers of expert skin care, cleaning & hygiene solutions. As part of SC Johnson, a family company at work for a better world, our people are committed to ensuring you know that your world means the world to us. We care for people and the places where they work, learn, shop, gather, travel, enjoy themselves and receive care. Our purpose is to help you make facilities and the people that use them safer, healthier and more sustainable. Our expert team work with you to understand the requirements of your facility and tailor a solution specifically for you. We’re dedicated to innovation, with our high-quality products and services developed with the people that use them, so they are trusted to work and be liked. Helping you to look after people and the planet.



Our Dermatology | Allergy division exists because patients deserve a diagnosis™. For 15 years, our team has developed innovative products to help diagnose patients with allergic contact dermatitis. SmartPractice is the manufacturer of TRUE TEST®, Finn Chambers®, allergEAZE®, TruVol™, patchPrep™, patchTransport™, patchProtect™ and Reveal & Conceal™.


Bronze Sponsors


Canfield Scientific is the worldwide leader in 2D and 3D medical imaging systems for the medical, aesthetic, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. Our advanced photographic imaging systems have been an integral part of aesthetic consultations and surgery for almost 30 years.



Chemotechnique MB Diagnostics AB (Chemotechnique) offers a wide range of high quality Patch Test products including +555 haptens (allergens) and 2 brands of Patch Test Units to aid the diagnosis of Contact Allergy. The products are the result of decades of product refinement in close co-operation with national and international Contact Dermatitis groups, such as EECDRG, ICDRG, NACDG, ESCD & ACDS. Chemotechnique has provided Patch Test solutions since 1981 and is proudly recognized as the Trusted name in Patch Testing. Chemotechnique is a Sweden based company with global reach through world-wide distribution.


Research Institute for Fragrance Materials

The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) generates, analyzes, evaluates, and distributes data to provide a scientific basis for the safe use of fragrances. RIFM’s fragrance ingredient safety assessment program draws information from its comprehensive database of over 70,000 references and more than 135,000 human health and environmental studies.


Peter Greven Physioderm GmbH

Peter Greven Physioderm GmbH (PGP) is a German manufacturer of professional skin care products. PGP’s specialist products for skin protection before work, skin cleansing depending on the dirt level and skin care after work can be found in every kind of industry and are applied in order to prevent occupational skin diseases at work.