Poster Overview

The posters will be presented during the breaks in the expo area.


1Occupational contact allergy to black rubber antioxidants in the protective equipment
Annarita Antelmi
2The prevalence of contact sensitization to corticosteroids and European baseline series allergens in patients with chronic dermatitis in 2017-2018
Živile Aukštakojytė
3Hair Colour Allergy: Experience With A Licensed Consumer Test
David Basketter
4Persistence of izothiazolinones in clothes after washing. Should this be considered?
Leopoldo Borrego
5Contact allergy trends and body side distribution among patients with chronic dermatitis in Kaunas, Lithuania
Evelina Bucionyte
6A contact dermatitis to methacrylates triggering immediate hypersensitivity
Amira Omrane
7Allergic contact dermatitis: a recurring complaint in workplace
Amira Omrane
8Cutaneous Metal Hypersensitivity Reaction
Ellie Choi
9Perioral contact dermatitis caused by carvone in toothpaste
Catarina Correia
10Patch testing for cutaneous adverse drug reactions in a pediatric population: a retrospective review
Jóni Costa Carvalho
11Should carvone be a candidate for the Baseline Series?
Johanna Enberg
12Allergic contact dermatitis caused by isobornyl acrylate in a new insulin pump system
Johanna Enberg
13Use of Dupilumab in real life: the experience on 468 patients of an Italian center
Silvia Mariel Ferrucci
14“Non-professional domestic application of acrylic and gel nails: one step further in the epidemic build-up”.
María-Elena Gatica-Ortega
15Prognosis and sequelae of meth(acrylate) sensitization in a cohort of beauticians and users of acrylic manicure products
María-Elena Gatica-Ortega
16Non-occupational allergic contact dermatitis to 4-acryloylmorpholine in smartwatch screen protectors glue
María-Elena Gatica-Ortega
17Allergic contact dermatitis to drometrizole trisiloxane in a patient who thereafter was diagnosed with frontal fibrosing alopecia
María-Elena Gatica-Ortega
18Allergic contact dermatitis to diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate and other allergens in a patient with frontal fibrosing alopecia and pigmented cosmetic dermatitis
María-Elena Gatica-Ortega
19Allergic contact dermatitis to enema used to treat inflammatory bowel disease
Maria Guimaraes
20Phototoxic Contact Dermatitis Caused by Torasemide
Michael Haeberle
21Skin reactions to oxidised alcoholic hand disinfectant – a role for acetaldehyde?
Nils Hamnerius
22European Nickel Restriction Compliance Survey
Katherine Heim
23Diagnostic Utility Of The Oil&cooling Fluids Series: Our Experience
Marcos Hervella
24Contact Dermatitis In Metalworkers And Mechanics In Navarra (Spain)
Marcos Hervella
25Titanium hypersensitivity in a patient with a titanium medical implant
Ana Lopes
26Occupational Dermatoses Diagnosed In The Public Health System Of Navarra (Spain)
Ingrid Hiltun
27An Unusual Case of Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Colophony in Zam-Buk
Laura Hui
28Yellow urticaria in a patient with alcohol-related liver cirrhosis
Dimitra Koumaki
29Acrokeratosis paraneoplastica (Bazex syndrome) associated with thyroid cancer.
Dimitra Koumaki
30Palmoplantar eczema associated with Turicella otitidis
Dimitra Koumaki
31Staphylococcus aureus carriage status in patients with eczema: results from an observational cohort study in Greece.
Dimitra Koumaki
32“Blue” urticaria following administration of Patent Blue V dye and morphine injection.
Dimitra Koumaki
33Epoxy allergy, investigation of a modern industry
Tina Lejding
34Contact dermatitis to adjuvants of topical 5-fluorouracil, a case report
Byrthe Vos
35Evaluation of potency prediction by SENS-IS assay, using weight of evidence-based potency category as a benchmark
Mihwa Na
36Safety evaluation of Natural Complex Substances for the skin sensitization endpoint
Mihwa Na
37Is emergency department attendance of patients with contact dermatitis frequent? A retrospective and descriptive study in a tertiary hospital in Granada.
Francisco José Navarro Triviño
38Validation of the Danish version of the Quality of Life in Hand Eczema Questionnaire (QOLHEQ)
Yasemin Topal Yüksel
39Patch testing benzisothiazolinone and octylisothiazolinone in consecutive patients: A 5-year monocentric experience (2014-2019)
Maria A. Pastor-Nieto
40Positive reactions with patch tests with acrylates occluded for two hours: a tip to avoid extreme reactions in certain cases?
Maria A. Pastor-Nieto
41Topical delgocitinib treatment improves health-related quality of life in patients with chronic hand eczema
Timo Buhl
42Insect bite–like reaction to methotrexate
Nives Pustisek
43Metal contact allergen-specific CD4+ T cell responses and the involved αβ T cell receptor repertoires
Franziska Riedel
44Aluminium chloride as adjuvant in patch test preparations.
Lisbeth Rosholm Comstedt
45A Study on Occupational Skin Diseases in During Covid-19 in Sardjito General Hospital
Agnes Rosarina Prita Sari
46Persistent subcutaneous nodules and aluminium sensitization: literature review and case series.
Esther Serra-Baldrich
47Patch testing versus interferon-gamma release assay in evaluation of drug eruptions
Dan Slodownik
48Textile and Shoe Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Military Personnel
Dan Slodownik
49Patients’ perspectives on quality of care for chronic hand eczema: A qualitative study
Manon Sloot
50Mobile Cover Depigmentation
Pradee Kumar Srivastava
51The immune phenotype of allergic nickel dermatitis. A dose-response study on previously exposed skin
Michael Wennervaldt