Poster Instruction


Please find all information about presenting a poster at the ESCD Congress 2020 below.

Poster Guidelines

  • The poster will be A0 portrait format. This means a width of 84.1 cm (33.1 inch) and a height of 118.9 cm (46.8 inch).
  • Please print your poster before travelling to the congress.There is no poster plotter available on site during the conference.
  • Mounting materials to pin the posters will be provided by the conference organization.
  • We kindly ask you to include title, authors and affiliations on your poster, as provided in the abstract already sent, in order to help others to find your research quickly.
  • Please check the conference website later to see what number has been assigned to your abstract and use the poster board with the same number.
  • Handwritten posters are not accepted.
  • Text must be easily readable at 1.5 mt distance.
  • All posters must be written entirely in English.
  • Do not use several A4 sheets. If necessary please note that individual pieces of paper should be-mounted onto one large piece of paper or card. Multiple sheets will not be accepted.
  • Please note that there will be no audio-visual equipment in the poster area.
  • Participants can view the posters from Thursday June 18, 2020 to Saturday June 20, 2020.
  • Authors are responsible for setting up and removing their posters. Congress staff will be present to assist you during the mounting time.
  • Mounting time is on Wednesday June 17 between 14.00 and 16.30 hrs or Thursday October 18 before 10.30 hrs. Removal time is Saturday June 20 after 13.30 hrs.
  • Any poster not taken down at the end of the congress will be removed and discarded by the congress staff. The ESCD 2020 Staff cannot accept liability for lost or damaged posters.

Tips for making a better research poster