Industry Sessions

Please find an overview of all sponsored sessions below.

Wednesday – June 8

Industry Session – 18.00 – 18.30 hrs
Orange Room

Lilly  |  RWE: Olumiant in daily practice

Presentation by Prof. dr. Peter van de Kerkhof – Professor Em. Radboud UMC, Nijmegen (NL)

Thursday – June 9

Satellite Lunch Symposium – 13.15 – 13.45
Orange Room

IFRA  |  Latest news from IDEA – the International Dialogue on the Evaluation of Allergens

Industry Sessions – 17.25 – 17.55
Orange Room

Sanofi Genzyme  |  How to treat the mixed clinical picture of atopic and contact dermatitis?

Presentation by Prof. Dr. Thomas Rustemeyer (Amsterdam UMC)

Green Room

Pfizer  | Jak science & Cibinqo treatment experience

JAK science pathway and CIBINQO (abrocitinib) in atopic dermatitis
Prof. Michael Ardern-Jones, Southampton UK

Real world experiences in daily practice with abrocitinib for atopic dermatitis
Dr. Daniel O’Driscoll, Southampton UK

Red Room

SCJ Professional  |  Prevention of Occupational skin disease through skincare: Product design, ingredient selection and behavioural factors

Presentation by Dr. John Hines, Kevin Ormandy & Tim Moodycliffe

Friday – June 10

Industry Sessions – 10.45 – 11.15 hrs
Blue Room

LEO Pharma  |  Investigation in atopic dermatitis

Presentations by Prof. Thomas Rustemeyer and Prof. Marjolein de Bruin-Weller

Green Room

SmartPractice  |  The Future of Patch Testing

The risk of regulation, reimbursement and fewer trained patch testers is a formidable threat to the Future of Patch Testing.  How can the patch testing stakeholders rally to ensure the the future?

Presentation by Curt Hamann, MD